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'HAPPY YOU DAY' Netflix’s You season two fans cancel all their plans to binge-watch on Boxing Day

SEASON two of hit Netflix series You has made fans cancel all their Boxing Day plans after it dropped at 8am this morning.

Instead of hitting the Boxing Day sales, some viewers claim they're "not moving" and will binge-watch the boxset all day as they recover from yesterday's festivities.

Some American viewers on the east coast were in tears as they realised they had to wait until 3am to start watching the psychological drama.

Meanwhile in the UK, viewers woke up this morning with the series ready to go.

One fan said: "#YOUSEASON2 is here! All plans have been cancelled! #netflix"

Another added: "Waking up at the best is time to binge watch guys!! #YOUSEASON2 #YouNetflix."

Someone else said: "It’ll be a day of eating leftovers, snacking on chocolates & binge watching #YOUSEASON2 today."

A fan claimed: "Cancelled all the plans."
The show follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a stalker with a deadly obsession with Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail).

In season two, the stalker moves to Los Angeles and begins a new life working in an organic food and book store.

But the leading man - and star of Gossip Girl - has gained fans worldwide who have fallen for the psychopath's charms.

Show star Adwin Brown branded fans' crushes on "explosive" Joe  "way too far".

He plays Joe's colleague Calvin who unsuspectingly tries to help his new co-worker on the California dating scene.

However, the actor has some strong feelings about girls who want someone like Joe.

"It's crazy to go on Twitter and see girls be like, 'Oh my gosh, I wish I had a guy that was as dedicated as Joe," Adwin told

"I'm like, 'No, you don't want that, no way you could want that'. Joe is a lot and in a real life setting that can be explosive and not good."

Season one ends with Joe trapping "girlfriend" Beck in his secret underground basement after she discovers his book of serial killer trophies.

He mentally tortures her in there, while she writes her magnum opus - an essay about the fakeness of romantic tropes in literature in order to seduce Joe.

However, the plan fails and he kills her.

In the end, Joe picks out his next target in the bookstore, only to find it's his (presumed dead) ex-girlfriend Candace.

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